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Tour No : SPT 48. 3Days Jeolla province tour (South West Land Tour) 
Price : From USD 807 (min 6) 
Time : 08:00 ~ 18:00 
Itinerary : Seoul - Jeonju (1N) - Gwangju - Damyang - Suncheon (1N) - Yeosu - Seoul 
Booking : Tour) 
  13200021997100022_Sunset at South Sea.jpg 38201211993000032_Songgwangsa Temple .jpg 3716004201408028k_Boseong Deahan Dawon.jpg 1368964059a9sOHVsOMFz7gmNdWKqC88MEG.jpg

Seoul - Jeonju (1N) - Gwangju - Damyang - Suncheon (1N) - Yeosu - Seoul


         Price (USD US Dollar) Per Person





Single Supplement


High Peak Season 

3star 1213 982 807 140 10


4star 1288 1057 882 180 15




Date Region Itinerary Meal
Day 1



Meet driver at hotel and transfer to Jeonju -
Jeongju Hanok Village - Jeongju Craftworks Exhibition Hall -
Accommodation at Traditional residence

Day 2


Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to Damyang – Damyang Bamboo Forest – Transfer to Boseong - Boseong Tea Planation – Transfer to Suncheon –Suncheon reed field- Songgwangsa temple – Hotel
Accommodation at hotel

Day 3



Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to Yeosu – Dolsan Bridge - Rail Bike – Aquarium -
Transfer to Seoul by KTX train (Bullet Train) - Transfer to hotel by car



Except Breakfast Lunch Dinner Pick Up Drop-Off

Lunar New Year
Full Moon Day




Seoul Hotel

Seoul Hotel





Accommodation on twin bed sharing with breakfast
Jeonju, Suncheon and Yeosu tour with English guide
Entrance ticket, parking fee, toll fee
KTX TRAIN ticket from Yeosu to Seoul (one way)
Transfer by car from Seoul Station to hotel

Other meals 
Guide tip
Personal expense

High Peak Season

Mar 20,21 / April 4,5,18,19,26,27,28 / May 1,2,3,4,5/ Jun 5,6,7 / July 18,19 /

Aug 14,15,16/ Sep5,6,7,9,12,13,20,21 /Oct1,2,3,4,5,9,10,11,31 / Nov1,2,21, 22 /

Dec 19,20,24,25,26,27, 29, 30,31.2015  /

Jan 1, 2, 3  Feb 6~10.2016

Hotel to be used

3star : Korean Traditional Residence in Jeonju + Sucheon Tourist Hotel or same class
4satr : Korean Traditional Residence in Jeonju + Ramada Hotel  or same class


If hotel is not available, we will provide you with same class hotel.


The above program and rates are subject to be changed due to local conditions without notice.

Jeongju Hanok Village

1615004201405072k_Jeonju Hanok Village.jpg

Jeonju Hanok Village is located in the city of Jeonju and overlaps Pungnam-dong and Gyo-dong. There are over 800 traditional Korean 'hanok' houses. While the rest of city has been industrialized, Hanok Maeul retains its historical charms and traditions.Jeonju Hanok village is especially beautiful for its roof curves. The roof edges being slightly raised to the sky is unique. Hanok houses are generally divided into two sections, Anchae and Sarangchae. Anchae is also known as Gyusu room, and is furnished accordingly. Sarangchae is where the men dwell, and is referred to as the Seonbi room. Because men and women have to remain separate, Anchae is situated deep inside the house so that it is secretive and quiet.


Jeongju Craftworks Exhibition Hall

2415001200508001k_Jeonju Traditional Craftworks Exhibition Hall .jpg

The Jeonju Crafts Exhibition Hall (made up of a Craft Hall, Special Exhibition Hall, and Experience Hall), celebrates the beauty of traditional Korean crafts. At the Experience Hall, visitors can create their own masterpieces and learn the art of mulberry paper, pottery, woodwork, embroidery, and other traditional crafts firsthand. The museum even houses a craft shop where visitors can purchase beautiful souvenirs lovingly produced by master artisans.


Damyang Bamboo Forest 

2916014200705006k_Damyang Bamboo Festival.jpg

Located within a forest of 2.4 kilometers of bamboo, this festival is full of activities celebrating the beauty and function of the bamboo plant. More active visitors can test their skills during some of the festival’s scheduled river sports, such as ‘Log Rafting’ and ‘Water Bicycling’. After working up an appetite, visitors can please their palate with some of Damyang’s famous cuisines and other world foods featured at the Cultural Experience Center. For additional sightseeing opportunities, visit some of the other attractions in the area, such as the Damyang Soswaewon, Damyang Gwanbangjerim, Damyang Jungnogwon, Metasequoia, and more.


Boseong Tea Planation

3820140201200033k_Boseong Green Tea Farm.jpg

Daehan Dawon Tourist Plantation is an area located in Boseong, and its main specialty is green tea which originated from the mountain valleys south of Boseong. Boseong has been a tea plantation area since the days of the Japanese occupation, and with its long history comes large plantations, their traditions, and highly skilled workers. The most famous of these is the Daehan  Dawon Plantation.Even the road leading to Daehan Dawon Plantation is very beautiful, full of green tea fields and cedar trees. There are several country roads in Korea known for their beauty, and one of them is the Boseong Cedar Road. Trees 20 meters in height are planted and lined evenly along both sides of the road. About 300 meters down the road you can see a market selling local products.


Suncheon reed field

1516020200911049k_Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park .jpg

The field of reeds in Suncheonman Bay is thickly covered with reeds taller than a full-grown man. It is the biggest colony of reeds in Korea. The image of the entire field swaying in the wind is as dazzling as waves on the sea. The field of reeds is home to many plants that thrive in damp conditions, like the common reed and the starwort. Among all of the world’s wetlands, Suncheonman Bay is widely known for attracting the largest number of rare birds. Such internationally rare birds as the hooded crane, white-naped crane, white stork, black-faced spoonbill, and the Eurasian Oystercatcher, as well as birds designated as natural treasures, are spotted here.


Songgwangsa temple

38201141986000262_Songgwangsa Temple .jpg

Songgwangsa temple is located on the west side of Mt.Jogyesan, and it is famous for being a Sambosachal of Korea. Sambo means three precious treasures in Buddhism, the Bulbo, Beopbo, and Seungbo. Songgwangsa Temple qualifies as a Seungbo temple, and Seungbo refers to those disciples who learn many things of Buddha and practices them. The reason Songgwangsa temple became a Seungbo temple is because many high monks were produced from this temple. The road to the temple is covered by huge tall trees, and is very beautiful. From the road, if you cross a valley, a round pavilion bridge called Cheongryanggak appears.


DamyDolsan Bridge

3820113198500032d_Dolsan Bridge .jpg

At 450m long and 11.7m wide, Dolsandaegyo Bridge is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Korea. Since its construction in 1984, the bridge, which connects Yeosu and Dolsan-do Island, has brought commerce and tourism to the island. Today, the bridge itself has become a popular tourist destination, illuminated at night by exterior lighting from the marine park across from the island.On the Yeosu side of the bridge is an octagonal pavilion observatory overlooking the picturesque Yeosu Harbor, while on the other side is Dolsan-eup known as the raw fish town.


Yeosu Marine Rail Bike


You can ride marine rail bike in Yeosu.The rail way of rail bike originaly had been used for the trains between Seoul and Yeosu for a long time.In need of new rail way for KTX, the original rail way service were shutdown,then Yeosu Ocean Tourist Development took it over for the rail bike system.


Marine Time Aquarium

2916017201306011k_EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea.jpg

With the backdrop of a beautiful seaside landscape, the museum is a great place to learn about and appreciate local marine ecology. A hundred species of fish indigenous to Korea are on exhibit, including several rare fish that are found only in the Yeosu region. The museum boasts a cylindrical aquarium, a sea turtle aquarium, and a hands-on discovery center that gives visitors a chance to learn about various species of clams. 

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