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HLT 001. Aesthetic Massage & Traditional Tea Making Therapy

Tour No HLT 001. Aesthetic Massage & Traditional Tea Making Therapy 

Price USD 220 (min2) 

Time 13:00~17:00 

Booking Therapy 

Itinerary Hotel - Aroma Spa & Massage (1hour 20min) - Traditional Tea Making Therapy - Hotel 

- You will be relaxed with a quality massage, given the opportunity to enjoy the spa, as well as, introduced to making traditional tea ? depending on your physical condition and personal nature as de...

HLT 002. Health Screening Program

Tour No HLT 002. Health Screening Program 

Price USD 650 for Male / USD 700 for Female 

Time 09:00~12:30 

Booking Program 

Itinerary Hotel - KyungHee University Hospital - 19 Examination procedures - Hotel 

- These days a growing number of people are demonstrating an increased interest in their health, and are seeking ways to take preventive measures as they age. Korea hospitals have a proven track of rec...

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